The universe is not a still picture, it is a gravity ballet. In this ballet everyone dances in the deformation of the fabric of space / time in a geometry […]

What you see is the constellation of Pegasus and, most beautiful, all the cosmic dust cataloged as The MBM 54. Under this beautiful image what we observe is called molecular […]

In the southern hemisphere you can see the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), used by this (Magellan) in navigation in this hemisphere, we can find the N44 that is nothing more […]

If yesterday’s eclipse was the eclipse, the next astronomical event that you do not have to lose is the asteroid 3122 Florence that will happen on September 1 to between […]

One of the facts that are of great interest to physicists, especially astrophysicists and theoretical physicists, is the Big Bang. Of all those we study that may have existed before, […]

What you see is the Milky Way (as best you can see) from the group of ALMA telescopes (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array). A total of 66 international collaborative antennas capable […]

The Cone Nebula or NGC 2264 is one of the largest pillars of cosmic dust we have in our visible universe. As an area of high concentration of gas and […]

This is very interesting because, according to a study published on June 23 on Nature about fluidomechanics (in fact it is called mechanical magneto) of the coronary ejections of the […]

The universe gives us simply spectacular images. In this case an image of Mars where you can see mountain ranges and observe the flow of sand and various materials that […]