The first thing is that you wonder, what the hell is quantum chromodynamics and why do you have to put a quantum surname on it to make it look interesting? […]

No, no aliens, no ghost, no magic or anything else. This is a natural event when on the upper layers of our atmosphere are fully with water cristal (common name: […]

Precious image of Herbig-Haro 24. Herbig-Haro objects are gas clouds of newly formed stars. When the stars are just formed by gravity and pressure, part of their gas is expelled […]

What is Leo’s trio?. Well, that’s what you see in the image, a group of three galaxies called M66 about 40 million light years from here, that is, inside the […]

What you see on the image is the NGC 7635, an emision nebula on the Casiopea constelation, a beautiful image. It’s 7 light years wide and show us the limits […]

I’m sure many of you will hear that image and you’ll even know what Mach’s cone is. You will know that it is formed when an airplane passes the speed […]

Many people has done this question: if gravity (and other forces) on the field theory are boson, why not the time is a field too with his own particle?. Let […]

We all know or have seen a superconductor on television. Something stuck in a very cold liquid on which there is something else floating in the air while the presenter […]