Today I want to talk to Minkowski space. Minkowski space comes to the fore by the “human” need to want to represent a world of four dimensions, ie, wanting to […]


Today I want to talk about the Schwarzschild metric. With this name so complicated Karl Schwarzschild, physical astronomer, he solved the equations of Einstein’s gravitational field (remember that are differential […]


Today I would like to tell you a different way of seeing things, physically speaking, that, well, heap up in other cases and, thus, help you to understand certain aspects […]


Today I want to talk about something fundamental to special relativity, which are groups of Lorentz. Hendrik Lorentz was a physicist/mathematician who, based on Maxwell’s equations, could observe and treat […]


Today I want to talk about a subject that is under development and which, until many years, absolutely not see anything, how to travel faster than light. As we know, […]

The other day, in a conversation, came the issue of the tension that physicists use them much because they help us to have a set of values ​​for a single […]

Since I was tiny and not bald as now, in my old physics classes in exercises some simplifications that those children who were not able to abstract enough, put them […]