As I want you to learn a bit of differential geometry, which is not as complicated as they are painted or how it sounds and since I imagine that you […]

If you remember yesterday I commented on the different ways of saying the same in mathematics speaking of the gradient and how physicists write it differently from the engineers. Today […]

Mathematical notation is something that, often, complicates the formulas we see, mainly because according to who does that is the one that uses. Come on, that the notation of things […]

Today I want to comment on a very important physical concept from the mathematical point of view, the scalar field. A scalar field $latex \gamma (\overrightarrow{r})$ is just a function […]

A quadratic form, mathematically speaking, is an application of a vector space to real numbers (we are a function that takes us from a vector space – which does not […]

Today, in my leisure time, I want to talk about a very silly nonsense: the dimension of a base in algebra. This concept is well known by all because it […]


Today I want to talk about what an algebraic structure is. And why I want to talk about this strange thing ?, simple, because it is good to know the […]


Today I want to talk about something that I tell you a lot, imagining that, you know what I mean: geometry. Normally I assume that this basic part of mathematics […]