There is a maxim in physics (rather in science), a necessary basic axiom and is that under a reproducible experiment it must give the same value wherever (place) and whenever […]

We all know, and if you do not know or remember, for that I am, that because of the integrals is to, in principle, calculate the area supported by a […]

There is a very common confusion between a scalar field and vector field, mainly because of the definitions of these. Thus we call the vector field, mathematically speaking, a function […]

Some of you will ask, how are these universal constants that physicists put into the formulas? Simple, they are extracted based on experimentation. When one formulates a formula to explain […]

Today I want to comment on a small and rapid mathematical method regarding the derivation (partial) of functions. We, the majority, are accustomed to seeing the radius of change of […]

In my series of explaining a few functions of several variables, their analysis, which is included in the differential geometry, today I want to talk about something, in itself, little […]

Yesterday, if you remember, I told you that it was the tangential (unitary) vector to a curve or path, so today I will tell you how to calculate and that […]