I was thinking that not too much people know about Ludovico, but with this ad of Orange surprise me. The real song, on Spotify.

Money rules the world. Money is necessary to do everything. Money is needed to do things. Money, money, money, money… Money make the world turn around.

There’s a place where you can begin to be creative. There’s a place where every designer (not designer) want to be… it’s there.

Web 2.0 is dead, the new ways to navigate it’s to create some kind of “visual navigation” like the video above. Link: Andreaslutz

And, the last for today is something that people who always make a blog need… some wordpress plugins for your ads. Because money it’s all, and you only think on […]

I’m not sure, but this day I will help designers to do his “photo jobs”… but, maybe they must begin learning how light works. But for now… some photoshop tutorials […]

Yes, designers and designers need icons for their web proyects. Icons are one of the most important resource for them so, it’s good to put it here. – Xiao icons […]