In other country

Some of you will know that I leave my old country and I’m (now) what it’s considered an expat.

What’s an expat?. Well someone who left their home country and go to another for living or, usualy, for working. Just what I have do.

From Spain to Belgium, from my home living city to Brussels, from a work where I was wasting my time to a other where I fell it’s the correct one (by now).

But, why Belgium?. Well, first because it’s part of the European Union and means that a change it’s more easy than go outseas (in theory) and second because what I want to do on my life (help others) it can be done where I work now in a better way.

Been an expats it’s hard. First because you leave where you feel confortable and second because you go in a place where you don’t know anyone and anything.

Different countries means different ways of living, different ways of considering the others and different ways of communication (and I don’t mean a different language). And this is very good. You will enrich yourself by traveling outseas (on holidays) but you will do best by living outseas.

Of course there will be days, like today for me, where you will feel so lonely. Without friends, without (at least) human contact or without anyone who you can tell… anything, but it’s normal, you are in a new place!.

But days like this will pass and the sun will bright in the morning again. You must not enter in an spiral of thinking about that you have done the worst thing on your life because it’s incorrect.

You will find new friends, you will have new great experiences that you will never have in your home country, you will learn more things that you can ever imagine.

You will be feel alive, again.

Remember, be afraid is normal but experiences like this will help you to be more confident on you.

What are you waiting for?.

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