Communication between cultures

I love to know people, really. I love a lot. Maybe it’s because I’m an explorer and, because of this, I like to explore different cultures.

I have been speaking with people nearly around the world. From different places in Europe to different places in Asia. From Ireland people to Comoro Island persons.

People who knows me, knows that I’m spanish. I’m not travel as much as I want but I try to travel around the world (where my money can get) as many times as possible in order to find and met different people face to face.

Why? Easy, as I say to know different cultures and learn from them.On this way if someone, for example, of Oslo but born in Ireland speaks to me I do my best to feel confortable with me. This will help both, a lot.

So, because of that I don’t understand people (and more if it’s their work) that speaks with people around the world but think or treat people like other of their country. You know that everywhere people can be warn, dry, offensive, loving and everyone can have a good or bad day, but if you speak with someone whose culture is warn try to be warn because if not this person will be dry and will not colaborate with you.

As an spanish, my first way to be is emotional because spanish usually are emotional people. So, if you ask me for something you need, the best way to make me a collaborative person it’s to be warn or emotional, if not you will get a wrong answer or none at all.

Remember, you must act (or try) as the culture or the person you speaks to and, if you don’t know how it’s their culture, the best way it’s to be shy at the begining, listen to them and learn as much as posible (and as fast as posible) in order to treat him (or her) correctly.

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