A misunderstood

A days ago I put here a little think about what different we are around the world and how you can treat every one different besides where they live. And this was because how a recruitment treat me.

Well the same problem applies to me.

Different cultures means not only different ways to be, to speak and to treat other persons but others ways to work too.

Your work can be the same background whenever the world you are but the background doesn’t mean every point only the base. So, thinking that they will work as you think (or you are used to be) can be wrong. People in different places work in different ways but do the same job.

So, if you work or want to be or mean to be work with outsiders (of your country) speak, speak a lot with them in order no to create a stupid misunderstood that can involve third persons and create the worst work ambient you can imagine.

Maybe it’s because I hate discussion, really I hate it, and I usually think that it’s my fault (and only my fault) and usually it is. And, in yesterday case, it was my fault by not knowing how others really do their job.

So, remember to speak and say everything pass in your mind. Remember that you are new (if you work with outsiders) so maybe it can be a stupid question but maybe it can be crucial too.

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