NGC 7635

What you see on the image is the NGC 7635, an emision nebula on the Casiopea constelation, a beautiful image.

It’s 7 light years wide and show us the limits between interesteral wind and a masive O start in the certer of the buble (more than 50 times the mass of the Sun). It’s about 10000 light years from here (more or less).

You know, because I have telling this often (I don’t know in the spanish or the english version of this blog) than when an star explodes because there not enough hidrogen inside and colapse by his gravity, the star gets out the outer layers in a great explosion. That’s what we are seeing on these photo.

Remember that in this moment, when the star “explodes”, all the massive elements are ejected out. There’s lot of oxigen, carbon, iron and other elements on these bubble just formed on the moment of the explosion thanks to presure made by the explosion to the outer layer.

You are seeing the way that the universe create new elements, your are seen the way the universe create us. And this make this image more interesting too.

You can see these beautiful “upgraded” colors (there are false colors in order to help you to see these molecular gass), or you can see that these is the way the universe help to create us or, you can see the more complex ways that the gravitational field works or interact with Higgs boson with the mass field, or you can see the electro-magnetic field of the star and the explosion and how it interact with the interestelar wind to create not only these image, it works to show us how all the ioniced gas formed by heavy molecules travel. But at last, you will see how perfect nature works thanks to the laws of physics.

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