Today to dead, not a cat, if a friend. Surely, if you follow me, you will know him for all the photos I have made him, you will know him for what he looked like but, unfortunately, you will never know him for what he was: my friend.

It is difficult to have words, it is difficult to know what to say since the feelings are complicated to translate in the absence of words that can describe anyone.

For me it has been a gift to share his little more than 10 years of life and a nightmare to see his last moments of suffering in silence. Silently, because never, however bad he was or how much pain was going through his body, he never made it present to others simply because he not wanted the rest of us to suffer what he suffered.

The only thing that comforts those of us who have had the great luck of spending part of our lives with him, is that he has not suffered in his death and that, as we all wish, he has died surrounded by what he wanted, of those who they wanted, from whom we will most feel their lack.

Fleky, even if you’re not with us, we still love you.

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