Crystal people

There is a perception of type I diabetics (like me) to be what is considered “crystal people”. A crystal person is one who breaks easily, and this definition comes from those who suffer from the disease of crystal bones.

Many diabetics, because of society, stop carrying out activities that fill them as people because society has been influenced by this problem, that nothing is “broken”. And no, it’s not true.

I do not usually talk much about my personal experiences, politics or my problems, but today, I do not know why I’ve taken to looking for videos of sites that I would like to go to someday. Because I’ve been in some places around the world (the ones I’ve been able to with my money and the offers I’ve had the luck to take) quite “complicated” for what is currently defined as a diabetic or what society makes you see.

Yes, I have been to Africa several times, I have been on safari, I have gone to desert areas, I have visited active volcanoes, I have traveled through areas with polar temperatures to the north … although I still have a lot to see. But I’ve always tried to overcome myself, as a challenge, to feel alive. And yes, in all of them I went with my diabetic kit on top (basal insulin, fast insulin and metformin pills) without any kind of problem.

Being diabetic means being careful with diet and exercise. It is the basis of being well. Know how to eat This is fundamental. And apart from those, although many diabetics do not believe it, we are the same as anyone.

You can climb mountains, you can go scuba diving, you can parachute (or paraglide), you can run a marathon, you can ride a bike to work, you can operate heavy machinery, you can be a Formula 1 driver, you can drive a motorcycle, a car, an airplane or whatever you want. You are the same as the rest.

Do not let anyone or anything not let you do what you want in life. Do not stay in your country living if it is not what you want. You make your difference.

And if, like me, if you like to travel (at first I did not like it because of that fear until I did it to see what I could do without problems) visit the world because there is so much to see and learn from the rest. Check the weirdest sites and go to them, why not?

You are not crystal people and whoever creates it or lets you know is being negative for you.

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