Milky Way from ALMA

What you see is the Milky Way (as best you can see) from the group of ALMA telescopes (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array). A total of 66 international collaborative antennas capable (as the name implies) of detecting millimeter waves of the spectrum being one of the largest (or largest, no) telescope ever built.

And what is good? Apart from the fact that the image is very beautiful, the ALMA telescope and its resolution allow to detect and, therefore, to obtain “images” of elements that reflect waves of between 1 and 0.3 millimeters, that is to say, it is a telescope specialized in the Infrared light which, as you will know from the times I have told you, is a type of “light” that passes without problems clouds of dust and gas and various “materials” that swarm through space, thus being able to see distant objects behind Of elements that can conceal them and, above all, with a very interesting definition. You know, mainly because the wavelengths pass between the atoms and their elements.

In fact, with this telescope, one hopes to “photograph” with quality a black hole since, these are found after clouds of dust and gas (originated by what they are swallowing) very hot. In fact it is hoped that, with luck, one can see the energy that escapes before reaching the horizon of events and, thus, have a record of how these phenomena can be placed in time and space (because remember that the horizon of Events is not a point in space, but in time).

Regarding the image that accompanies the post, the nicest thing to note apart from being a circular image that shows the entire Milky Way in its greatness are the blue and green colors due to excitation by high energies of the oxygen atoms when being at Great height (the telescope is about 5000 meters).

Link: ALMA

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