Yes, this heat is climate change, indirectly

Winter is the ideal time for climate change deniers to use their favorite excuse of “if there was climate change there would be no winter” by demonstrating and taking advantage of people’s ignorance. A pity.

Now, in the summer, with these “heat waves”, these negationists are quieter since now it is hot and people relate heat to climate change. So, for negationists who do not have the sack of excuses (this is normal, it’s cyclical, it’s a specific period of the Sun, the fart of cows, do not you want to use your car, eat meat, have air conditioning, enjoy Of the advantages? …) try to pass in silence these months waiting for them to pass quickly and can scream at full lung with the cold “where do you see the pollution?” (See the video that heads the post – I feel it in Spanish – and demonstrates the great general knowledge of this society coupled with the pride inherent in many).

For those who if you want, at least, to have idea and to plant the seed to investigate, today I am going to tell you the reason of this situation that is going to repeat much this summer and much more from now on if we do not do anything It does not look like what?

Our atmosphere is a cake, that is, made by layers. The gases that compose the atmosphere are located in this pie where we live according to its atomic weight (hence its density) and therefore because it attracts gravity and how much it pushes down the weight it has over (the other layers of the cake). In addition, it is drawer and obvious, that also influences a thing called the temperature to which the gases are. You all know that hot air rises and cold, low air.

By way of summary, this happens because the more energetic atoms (and can receive energy in many ways, as you know) move more and therefore, thanks to this movement causes the density to “go down” and weigh less. By way of summary, remember, because there is some dynamic fluid here.

Now that we have clear how our atmosphere is formed, where depending on the gas and its temperature (therefore its energy) will “weigh” more or less and therefore will be at a height u another, let us move on to the next milestone.

As I indicated the temperature is fundamental for said cake, and therefore, the elements that are responsible for distributing the temperature, add it or remove it, are fundamental. Thus, in a planetary system there are several (and more on Earth). Water, sea currents, wind, the time that the gas is receiving electromagnetic radiation (the time that this to the Sun, we go) and the winds.

All these elements represent an ecosystem, a greased and perfectly coordinated machine where the failure of one affects the failure of all and, as in a cascade, the more they fail the worse the planetary temperature will be and this gives (which will not give because we are already Suffering) cascade problems.

The increase of greenhouse gases, which are no more than gases composed of molecules that have the capacity to retain much heat and therefore energy due to its elements, its structure and its interactions of Van der Waals (the one as they are united And divide the electrons between the whole set) makes the cake of our atmosphere varies by changing its composition. So we have the first problem.

The winds are due to potential differences. A potential difference, in general, is a difference, a gradient between two points. For example, electricity moves due to a gradient of electrical potential and negative charges move from where there are more negative charges to where there is less (the electron movement is electricity, let’s go). The wind is the same, it happens by a thermal gradient and densities. The air (set of gases) moves from areas where there is more pressure to where there is less trying, by the minimum energy, to match both systems. Something like when we put two glasses of water with different amounts and we join them to match after a while.

Luckily and thanks to the rotation of the Earth, the atmosphere is heated uniformly and this helps to produce all the above. Curious.

Now, if in this big cake there is an area with a type of gas that stores a lot of temperature this equilibrium is broken and consequently, the winds are affected ceasing to function. Come on, there are no winds. All thanks to the fact that the thermal gradient and therefore the pressure gradient is not wide enough for the above to happen. And notice that a storm (low pressures) is around 900 millibar (which is very low pressure) to 1100 millibar (which are very high pressures) which is an anticyclone. 200 millibars which, considering that the standard pressure is 1000 millibars is a change of 20%, something very very small.

If there is no wind, the gas in the atmosphere does not move and if at the top of the cake there is a gas with a lot of energy and therefore temperature, there is a cap that reflects the heat down when we are in the shadow zone (When that part of the atmosphere is not exposed to the Sun) means that there are no winds in at least some parts of the cake that is our atmosphere. Specifically, jet streams and convection currents called Hadley, Ferrel, and Polar cells (depending on the longitudinal length of the equator) do not function properly.

If the wind does not move, we have areas with hot or cold gases, stay longer in an area than before, if they stay longer in an area than before that area will be more exposed to that gas with that temperature. That means that in winter the cold gases will cool more and in summer, the hot gases will warm the areas where they are, because they do not move.

And what does that mean? That now, what we are happening on the planet (not only is happening in my country Spain) is not a “heat wave” because they are not very hot gases from an area that have previously been heated, but are normal gases that They do not move because there is no wind that changes them and they warm up more than normal, the areas where they are. All consequence of the climatic change provoked by us, humans.

Obviously, this air that does not move and warms or cools more, not only affects the area where there is land but also the seas, places with lots of water that has a capacity to retain and release extremely hot. In the seas, in addition to the pressure, the currents are made mainly by temperature differences. If there are no currents, the water does not move, if the water does not move (from the sea) it does not absorb or release heat (or does not do it properly) if the “hot” water rises to areas where there is less gravity , It heats them more (the poles, remember that it is not that they are up or down, it is that they are higher because the earth is not really spherical really and gravity does not affect equally by the densities of the mass) melts the poles Which modifies the salinity of the sea and therefore its capacity to absorb and release heat is modified, which also intervenes in the gas and which helps that there is no exchange of temperature in the gases of the atmosphere and again influences the water that … a cycle.

And all thanks to modify a parameter, in our case the atmospheric gases, that would have happened the same if we had modified the salinity or the marine temperature or the rotation of the Earth or the inclination of the same …

But calmly, continue to deny scientific change because you do not understand that everything is related and get your sack of punctual excuses because you do not want to study mechanical fluid or, at least, trust those who have studied it and are worried about this mess we are mounting.

Can you turn back? Of course. It is always going to be able to go back, at any time since the gas that is “warming” the atmosphere we have something that eats it well: plants.

For the neoliberals only indicate that the longer we take the longer it will take to recover and more expense to recover it we will have to do since they only bother them to hoard money.

I have tried to summarize and reduce it as much as possible so that you understand the process. Remember that from each of the points you can find more information in libraries. The place of culture that is the only thing that helps us. Do not be as ignorant as the man in the video.

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