Dark matter and the 26 boson string dimensions

These days I am adjusting my future as, now, theoretical physicist (and not physicist specialized in fluidomecánica, better known as physics of the atmosphere) observing in which to make my next steps until the doctorate fixating on the cosmology, the filaments and the cosmic web that Explains the evolution of galaxies, cluster and superclusters among others, ie the observable universe and its evolution.

But something I had in mind has crossed and I’ve been hanging around for a few days about dark matter. And it is that, as I have said some time and again and thanks to the quantum gravity of loops, what we observe is nothing more than energy projections of other strings (string theory, if and physics of matter).

The fact is that, as you know and in reduced mode, the mass of the particles gives a projection of energy that produces a force given by the Higgs boson. That is to say, the mass, the particles take it from him so that it projects from the cords in which it has influence.

That is why I am now reading (partly for my astrophysical extension) an explanation of the dark matter that would approach the Higgs boson energy projections that are not manifested in the dimensions we “see” but that their projections, In turn, influence making that, without seeing the dark matter this influences in the matter that we see.

At bottom it is a particular solution of string theory and M theory that “talks” to the 10 critical superstrings and relates them according to a multiple Calabi-Yau geometry. Something that, even, mathematics surpasses me and it is costing me very much to follow.

The leader in this field is Professor Erik Verlinde of the University of Utrecht from which you can read the paper, if you are interested.

The thing is that, as a funny thing, it is thinking, when you walk down the street, that people do not know where they are coming from, and if some people are proud to be “part of the stars”, the next step is to understand that They are nothing more than projections of string energy. The truth is I do not know, when the people on the terraces are talking, as they are not trying this very important subject that, in the end, is to discuss the “where you come from”.

Link: arxiv.org

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