Climate change will make you sleepy

The few who know me in person will know that apart from a humanist (as a political conviction) I am a fervent ecologist because, for now, we only have one world and we are living in it.

Climate change is a fact and you have to worry a lot. It hurts that the human being is so stupid that, unless something serious happens to him in the first person, he will not act in question. Use any excuse at your disposal (we always have a sack of excuses) not to worry about what happens to a third party. Lack of empathy, call it.

It is one of the reasons why many are looking for excuses to say that climate change either does not exist, or is a fallacy, is something natural or, if it is going to happen, to fight against it and we will worry about it when it happens. But in the end, putting an example, we are frogs in water that is slowly warming up. And you will know that if we throw an animal in boiling water, it will jump out of the pan, but if we put it in water at room temperature and we gradually warming up, it will finish cooked. That is happening to climate change for humans, responsible for it.

Curious that a study has come from the University of San Diego (California) that indicates that the quality of sleep of humans is worsening because of climate change. You know (now that “summer” begins), hot nights sleep worse.

But this study has made a monetary quantification (in this case of USA, main promoters of the anti-climatic change) on when it will cost us (in money) that we do not sleep enough. And is that as animals we are, sleep is fundamental, physically speaking.

If you are interested in this subject, I recommend read the article where the method is explained, the If you are against climate change, you can criticize it without any scientific basis, for example that the groups are rigged or that the results are paid for by a secret and obscure organization that benefits from the Renewable energies (outer space beds).

More info: Science Magazine

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