Supersymmetry or SUSY

As I have told you many times, a physicist, at present time, is a kind of shaman who, through mathematics interprets nature. That is, a physicist is a person who currently uses mathematics and interprets the resulting equations so that they fit into the surrounding nature. As mathematics is a universal science, the same in any part of the universe, which offers the same results regardless of the moment in which the calculations are made (the scientific method complies) the equations we will obtain mathematically must be true (and they are ) Anywhere and at any time. The only thing to see is how to relate the results to what we see every day. Here you have the basis of a theoretical physicist.

After this introduction that you do not know because I have put you I want to talk about supersymmetry. Supersymmetry is one of the results of trying to solve the string equations for the particle model, come on, for which things are composed. The fact is that by looking at the equations and making some Wess-Zumino shamans in the early 70’s they realized that it should exist in nature, just like the antiparticles (like particles, but “turned around” in Charge) another type of particles which they called super particles. Previously to them Gervais, Sakita, Golfand, Akulov and other physicists (which I do not remember, sorry) also observed the algebraic structure that should exist through an algebra of infinitesimal transformations that called lie algebra and this helped Wess-Zumio to its application in the structure of supersymmetries. A real achievement.

The super particles are exactly the same as the particles (that’s why they are called the same, unless their name starts with an “s”), but their biggest difference is that the mass should be much higher. Thus, for example, a quark would have a squark, symmetrical to it. That is to say, of the fundamental particles, the fermions, which, as you will remember of the times that I have said you are divided into bosons (force) and leptons (mass) would have their super symmetrical equal with much more mass. Particles formed by several fundamental ones like neutrinos, photons, protons… are given other more funny names (remember that the physicists are horny) finished ino, thus we would have the neutralino, photonino or protonino to give some examples.

Regardless of how funny the names are, the existence of supersymmetry, beyond mathematics, has not been proven and, if true, would be a great advantage since it would solve such important problems as, for example, dark matter by indicating that , With the existence of the neutrinos and their great mass because of it.

The reason for supersymmetry, that of which equations comes out, is because in the standard model of particles the level of corrections that have to be put to the electromagnetic equations at scale of Plank that, many thought that these corrections were due to The existence of other particles symmetrical to those of the standard model. For this reason, many of the theories that appear through the resolution of string theory try to solve these corrections in the same way, creating models of symmetrical particles in some way or another. That is to say, it is an “elegant” way of correcting the equations so that they are on the right track and so that all forces (weak, strong, electromagnetic and gravitational) on a very small scale give correct data when observed on a large scale. Come on, so that the energy seen at any size is round.

Unfortunately, due to the low power of the LHC, the elements of supersymmetry have not been confirmed since, to be able to detect them, very high powers (about 2TeV, Tera electron Voltio) will be necessary, being the powers that now handle of around 1 / 4 of the necessary (150GeV if I’m not wrong, although here you can tell me better those who follow the experiments of the LHC better). With which we are in a neither yes nor no.

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