There is a meteorological phenomenon very fun, full of energy, called supercell. Supercells are thunderstorms in rotation. That is, a mixture between a storm and a tornado that gives us a storm around an axis of rotation.

As a “tornado” the supercells need specific conditions, high temperatures at low and cold levels at high altitudes that allow the creation of a tornado attached to high pressure layers that help create the storm (let’s rain).

It is not something that happens very often since the conditions to be given are very specific and, as you can see in the picture, they usually occur on the fronts since in these conditions of temperature difference is usually more natural. In areas where warm pressures are high, they join a high pressure and cold front, for example, on the eastern coast of the Pacific (thanks to the Pacific Ocean itself) and The existing convection cells.

The rest of humans that do not live in these areas, the closest we are to it is when we see a cloud called “anvil” (or cumulonimbus) which is just the hot stream that rises and cools in high heights due to high pressures But without actually finishing a jet stream. But that does not usually evolve to supercell or in, as it is fashionable now, explosive cyclogenesis.

How beautiful is physics and nature!

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