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Remembering, Nikon D90

I do not usually become very melancholy with machines, because, as machines that are (and I a person based on reasoning) I know that they are objects that need to be profited. That is the reason why I do not tend to fondle things, because they are things.

BUT (and I put it in capital letters) whenever I buy a new camera and I put the old one to spend the rest of its days saved, I can not prevent my memories of what happened to them.

So, I thank my old Nikon D90 for the photos it has brought to life. I am grateful to my old Nikon D90 for more than about 70 thousand kilometers that it has been with me, the dust he has endured, the trot that I have given him, the little care it has received and how it has always been (except for its last days) in all my trips during his 9 years of life (yes, I bought it in 2008, when it hit the market).

I thank Nikon D90 for what it has taught me in the treatment of light, how I learned to “reveal” its raw file and how it has taught me to capture the best moment yet with a lens that is unable to focus because it have broken engine.

I am very grateful and satisfied for everything my old Nikon D90 … but it is time to rest and take a well deserved vacation after 187114 shots, a record.

And no, you do not have to worry, your relay will be as badly treated as she has been during her long and successful life.

Rest now, next to your predecessor the Olympus P500 that has been waiting for you.

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