Let’s talk a little about gravity

Today, as a faithful believer and follower of the Quantum Gravity of Loops I want to tell you, I hope in an understandable way, a little more about gravity and how the quantum gravity of the loop tries to explain how this works.

So, as I always do, I’m going to tell you a story, a funny story about string theory.

As you know because my ass is naked to explain it, string theory is based on indicating that everything (energy and matter) is based on the vibration of elements called strings that, depending on how they vibrate, form the elements and give us the energy of the things. The four fundamental forces are also based on the vibrations of these elements which, as vibrated physicists were so clever to call them strings.

String theory was born as the unifying theory of the whole, but unfortunately it was not. As everything is waves and as you could see (or not) in the video I put yesterday on quantum physics take out the wave equations of a particle has its “that”. Let’s not simple and, by Fourier and its transformations where it is intended that a complex wave is the sum of different Simpler waves (you just learned something new) through the Fourier transform, depending on how much (good or bad) we try to simplify, we do not have to give the same result as a set of simple waves.

In the end, string theory gives things as complicated (as I have always said) to solve that you have to simplify or you would see many physicists throwing skyscrapers with bow tie and chaqué crazy to not know or have solutions of the equations they handle (Spoiler: physicists with bow tie and chaqué exist). From this simplification came five (yes, five) theories of different strings that differ mainly in the number of strings, how the sets of strings are taken and, in short, the dimensions.

Because, friends, if many believe that they discover a new world when they say that there are 4 dimensions (x, y, z and t, time) they stay a bit short considering that the strings vibrate in a number of dimensions that varies between 9 and 11. Eleven dimensions! With its symmetries, its metrics, its geometry and topology. And all this in five theories (I, II, IIA, IIB, Heterotic E and Heterotic O).

Luckily, the theory of strings M, unifying thanks to the dimension 11, Supergravity came to the fore. The theory M tells us that there are 11 dimensions, 3 physical (x, y, z), 1 temporal (time), 6 additional dimensions where the strings vibrate and groups forming (d-branes for friends) and 1 agglutinator Which encompasses all and creates the so-called p-branes.

Although it may sound very complicated, the equations remain “round” (unresolved) adding a last dimension that agglutinates all and, as I said the other day, shaman physicists are interpreting this agglutinating dimension that would explain our universe as a Long and infinite but very little wide. This has given rise to a curious explanation of a series of universes that are all those membranes that, when colliding (the membranes) provoke the known Big Bang. Come, that the universes are but a set of these membranes that vibrate but do not collide except “ever” floating in something indeterminate that would be the tissue of the universes. What things.

And what does this have to do with the title of the post? Now that we are clear that our universe is, for now, 11 dimensional (tenth-dimensional?), What happens to gravity ?.

Gravity, like all forces, like all mass, is a vibration, but in this case it is a vibration of several strings, in fact it would be the vibration that passes in dimension 11 which, as I have said, is a bonding agent of the rest . This means that gravity affects too many dimensions and therefore, in each of them, separately, because it does not have “much force” to be “diluted”.

What does this mean? For simply that gravity is not as “loose” as it seems and that we could handle it if we were able to filter what it does in the other dimensions to the 3 that we see with our eyes. That is, if we were able to focus on it one day we could control it.

Summing up, gravity is nothing more than the consequence of the vibration of certain membranes in certain dimensions which, by taking the agglutinating dimension (11) causes it to expand in those dimensions in which it does not vibrate and causes “weak force”.

This brings to mind what I tell you about supersymmetry, which is related to the theory M and vibration in each of those dimensions. As you see, everything is related.

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