Lawrence M. Krauss

Lawrence M. Krauss

Although we all know, to a greater or lesser extent, physicists like Carl Sagan, Einstein, Hawking or Neil deGrasse mainly for their fame on television, modern physics is full of important physicists for their contributions not as known as the previous but not for it Less important.

Of some I have spoken before as Leonard Susskind and its important holographic principle of information, But of others not like Lawrence M. Krauss.

He is a physicist of the generation of Neil deGrasse, therefore he is already 63 years old, whose raison d’être has been the study of the Big Bang. He has also been a prolific writer with books of divulgation, some a little hard although the majority are thought for the general public like those in which it speaks of Star Trek (yes, something common among all the physicists is that we like Star Trek) or, the best known, in which he speaks of “the life of an atom” from the Big Bang to the present.

Although there has not been much TV, surely if you are one of those who gives you to see the Discovery Channel or the History Channel on space issues, you will have seen him again and again and he is chosen because he is a good communicator and , Therefore in my opinion, a very valid person to put the science bug to the new generations.

Regarding his “papers”, he is known for his studies of dark matter and that, of the Higgs boson, I did not think much of it being, for me, his most important The paper in which talks about the quantum gravity of loops and a possible experiment of detection. But of course, perhaps this is because I am a fervent believer of quantum gravity of loops as a summary/solution of quantum physics.

Whatever it is, it is a physical that must be taken into account and, above all, put as an example of a good communicator. It will not be as spectacular as others but that does not detract from being good in its subject matter.

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