Chemtrails pollute

I’m not going to get into the stupidity that many wield when they see condensation wakes produced by the planes in the sky and if I’m going to get into another topic that does not talk much about these events, pollution .

In my particular struggle for climate change that we are provoking and that those who know me by reading me or in person, I take a walk at the minimum opportunity there is a pollutant element that few have thought and that also contributes large amounts of $latex CO_{2}$, civil and military aviation. The engines of this type of transport, despite being highly optimized, are an important source of gases harmful to our atmosphere.

The main problem to avoid this type of pollution lies in several factors (the cause or solution is never unique, there is never an equation with a single variable): there is currently no replacement of the same quality as the combustion based engines Only in electricity because either there are no electric motors with enough power (this is very questionable) or because, at present, there are no methods of generating or storing the energy needed for the trips that these devices currently carry out.

But, the scientific community does not stand still and are looking for different solutions to the problems mentioned above. From a french group With the first fully electric propulsion plane to clean energy collection systems by different means that allow the propulsion by a motor Electric finishing to other types of propulsion or maintenance of the aircraft in flight cleaner, from zeppelins through auto rotation systems based on autogyros.

NASA, however, along with other scientists from different countries, is studying how to lower harmful gas emissions in condensation trails (contrails for friends), for example, incorporating biofuels or decreasing the need for these to get much more effective aircraft. As shown in its article (in the first), with mixtures of 50-50 (50 of airplane fuel and 50 of biofuel) it is possible to reduce the gases between 50 and 70 percent, amounts not negligible depending on the height To which the plane works and that our planet, will thank.

This is another point of investigation not at odds with the previous one except for the economy. I do not mean that it is expensive, any money researched and spent to improve the environment of the planet we live in is not wasted money, on the contrary, it is the best money invested, but apparently the creation of biofuel is not profitable in Comparison with obtaining/refining fossil fuel.

Oil-producing countries do not welcome this energy source, even if it is not only for aviation, but also a much smaller pollutant. The reason, each one can draw their own conclusions based on their knowledge of their branch or matter.

Regarding the issue of pollution in the stelae of airplanes without you I will indicate a few things. As you know, the stelae of airplanes by condensation appear mainly as a result of low pressures (at higher altitudes they are more common) because the gases that leave the engines, being warmer than the surroundings (at higher altitude, more Cold) causing that, as by the cold the amount of water that can withstand the atmosphere is smaller (humidity) condense offering the image to which we are all accustomed.

Although these stelae are composed of water vapor (from the atmosphere itself), obviously, when formed by the gases expelled by the engines of the airplanes contain particles generated by them, which, because they are not water, have different degrees of condensation and , Which is worse than becoming gas again. That is to say, the shit stela of the aircraft, last longer because the noxious gases do not cool as fast as the water and continue condensed and its rate of absorption by the atmosphere (at any height) is much lower.

These crystal stelae of $latex NOX$ and $latex CO_{2}$ mainly due to their own composition and, because they are in solid form, have a greater heat absorption capacity than in their gaseous state, which is why Are more dangerous and polluting (although, you may not believe that a plane with the amount of weight it moves contaminates much less than a car) and contributing more to the greenhouse effect.

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