Lately there is much talk about the problems of sugar-based foods, there are Taliban (yes, Taliban) who remove breast indicating that they have “stopped” from eating sugar and are much healthier.

As usually happens with all those who initiate a diet, they become fanboys of the same and they usually indicate indignados like the rest it has not seen this magical remedy that would help all the humanity and they, illuminated, yes. That’s why they believe in the duty to expand the word and help everyone.

The metabolism of the cells is something well studied and, although I am not biologist nor much of it, at least, like anything that explains nature, I have taken a look to learn a little more about.

The first process of metabolism in a cell is called glycosylation. Under this complicated name we have a process that happens in the cytoplasm of cells. The cytoplasm is the liquid inside the cells and contains a huge amount of elements: from synthesized proteins, to hydrogen ions plus a lot of biomolecules, such as enzymes, RNA … come on, it’s the girigay of the cell .

Glycosylation is the passage from any material to glucose, if glucose. In principle there are two main types of glycosilization: the glycosylation of fats in sugar and the glycosylation of proteins.

In both processes, one of these biomolecules (fat or protein) is taken and through another series of proteins and enzymes and thanks to the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) the biomolecules can be reconverted into something (pyruvic acid) which is the basis of cellular metabolism that occurs in mitochondria.

That is, the body uses energy (ATP) in order to convert a complex molecule with little energy (a carbohydrate or a protein) to smaller molecules with more energy than can be used for many things, being the most important , Generate many more ATPs in different ways … but this is another chapter.

By way of a summary, sugar, glucose, is fundamental to our organism and not just because of energy but because it is the fundamental brick of many of our biomolecules (eg DNA or RNA containing a sugar – glucose – whether ribose Or deoxyribose, depending on the type of molecule). Not taking sugar or indicating that not eating sugar is better lived (such as the old and famous diet of Atkins, one of the greatest ills of this society by ignorance) is nonsense since the cells themselves need glucose to function and, When they do not have it converted into glucose, in this process, a lot of extra material (since the enzymes that convert proteins into sugar, for example) of waste that can be dangerous for our organism or at least, go to Force this to have to “filter” them.

I repeat that I am not a biologist, but I do not need to be a biologist, and I just want to study it to learn and realize all the myths and shamans whose only benefit is to want to take your money.

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