oday, January 2 I want to look at the image that accompanies this text, the astronaut Bruce separated from the Challenger shuttle without any union to this thanks to the so-called MMU (Manned Maneuvering Unit).

I have already spoken to you about the different devices that have taken astronauts for their space walks to the present, one called SAFER (Simplified Aid For EVA Rescue) commenting how the compressed nitrogen propulsion and its stabilizers allows to operate (currently) An astronaut in space far better than his American and Russian predecessors.

And today I will make an incision in this last sentence indicating that if for many there is no more freedom to jump from a plane in free fall to terminal speed (that is, leaving gravity to do all the work going from potential to kinetic Energy, discounting friction and buoyancy by archimedes in the different densities of air up to the maximum speed that can take the object that never surpasses, that, for a human is of about 200 km/h according to the force of Rayleigh), do skydiving ( Search on youtube), wingsuit (those people who throw themselves in a suit that looks like a bat but that the ratio of fall remains 4/1 – every four meters that falls, advances 1-); The true freedom is just that, to float freely in space (although, the boy of the image really this in micro gravity).

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