Pickering’s harem

Curious that the other day, Cosmos the TV series, I speak of these great and fantastic women, pillar of astrophysics demonstrating the maleness that existed and exists everywhere.

Of all of them, only one, Miss Peyne was the only one who left the darkness being forgotten the other almost 13. Women like Henrietta Swan, Antonia Maury, Margaret Harwood (who was president of the observatory), Annie Jump Cannon, Williamina Fleming (With a more than main role after being raised, showing that women are worth more than for what is thought) are as important as any of today’s renowned astrophysicists or physicists.

Remember that I told you about the cataloging of stars. Well, these women were in charge of making it and for them there is the catalog OBAFGKM (names according to temperature).

And although I told you about the nemotechnical rule to remember this catalog, really (do not tell you, my mistake) was chosen or chose that so that the rest of people remember how macho we have been and are.

Remember: OBAFGKM means “Oh, Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me”.

Link: El Mundo (Sorry, is on spanish)

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