Space race

What you see is a panoramic taken by the Apollo 15 of the Moon. One of the missions that more Lunar material was brought to Earth (73 kilos).

Going to the Moon has been very interesting and not for what they have brought but in an ingenious way. That is, apart from the space station (or the MIR) have been very good scientifically (by experiments), going “there” has helped us to find solutions to problems that we have neither had nor previously thought.

When we have gone to the moon it has helped us to create a staged system, a low energy return solution, orbital equations and windows to save energy, spatial suits with expansion of movement, couplings between different Ships, heating systems, oxygen and carbon dioxide recycling, telecommunication and telemetry systems, research on electric vehicles (the rover can not have a combustion engine), aids in the engineering of wheels (yes, they can not have air because they do not There is pressure on the Moon), food topics, food preservation and freeze drying, protection against cosmic radiation, computing and energy, batteries, storage …

That is to say, many of these problems do not occur on Earth and, normally, have not been investigated on them realizing, in fact, that much of the advanced because of spatial development can be applied on Earth by improving products and services.

An example is that of the wheels of the rover which, on the Moon, are “hoops” of metal because of lack of atmosphere, pressure and therefore can not have air (or camera). This made it think and create a system of covers in which it is simply rolled metal, thus avoiding the use of suspension and avoiding the rover puncture. Thanks to this solution (which has been used in other exploration vehicles) the run-flat tire covers are reinforced with stranded and wound metal strands, avoiding if the tire is deflated or bursting.

That is to say, going to space, spending that money that we could use in better things, in the end repercussions in our daily life. Remember that posing new problems makes us think of new solutions and that whenever we raise our sights, some of that can be used for everyday problems.

Maybe that’s why I agree to support the space race.

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