Solar activity

As denialists of climate change use it as an excuse, arguing that if they do not know who gets the message is as ignorant as them, our star has cycles.

Specifically, it has cycles of 11 years of activity, called solar activity (not that they have been killed by the name).
All thanks to which we have realized that the radiation peaks emitted and, fixing us in the earth auroras, take that cycle.

And what else do we realize? Very simple. If you remember that our star has dark spots, which were sorting of the plasma by the magnetic field generated by its nucleus (which is more plasma, but much denser) and by the convection currents in the convection zone ( You know imagination for names) cause that in certain points are concentrated large amounts of “magnetism” that move the plasma and place it giving rise to these black spots.

Well, every 11 years it has been seen that there are “more spots” and therefore there is more magnetic activity and therefore more solar activity.

The negationists use these periods as the culprits of global warming (false) since in 1940 there has been a moment of extra activity on the part of the sun (a coincidence with world development, simply) but not counting that later periods of Solar activity have been looser than normal, simply because their theory (not demonstrable, obviously) falls them off.

In fact, now that we are in cycle 24 has been one of the minors since records have been made and however, the earth’s temperature continues to rise (very worryingly). Although these people will continue to err, they hope that the message is not sought by those who direct the message.

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