You know the Perseids, such as rain meteorites that advertise on TV and, I hope, that you go to see; know the Taurids (well, I do not think), another meteor shower happens in early November every year due to comet Encke but you will want to talk about a meteor shower that also happens every year and certainly not You have no idea, the Cuadrátidas.

The Cuadrátidas is the first meteor shower happens in the year and goes from 3 to January 4 (every year) and can only be seen in the northern hemisphere.

The origin of this rain is in the constellation Bootes Quadrans Muralis (do not say nothing of the name).

This meteor shower, although it is known from which (in heaven, what I just told you) do not have very clear who originates and is an issue (with cafes or beer or both) normal discussion among astrophysicists at their meetings.


Some think that it is pieces of an asteroid 2003 EH1, so named because it was discovered in 2003 while others think that this is the shit loose a comet called C/1490 Y1.

And even these same astrophysicists, when they are very farts and drunk, conclude that 2003 EH1 is nothing more than the C/1490 Y1 is extinguished, lease, which is a piece of this comet (hence continues its orbit) and therefore, the comet has become “ex” comet.

Anyway, Earth, as rock/ship takes us through space, takes many things ahead and, especially, beaten more often than you think for objects that swarm through space whether they are orbit and fall or because they are in a vacuum and passed us above them (they walked over, go) and thanks to our magnetic field, our layers of atmosphere, Jupiter (yes, Jupiter) and the solar wind of our star we do it is practically… nothing.

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