Why I left Apple behind

This is my blog and, because of that I’m in the mood to talk about personal things (not only what you usually see). So, it’s time to talk about something personal: why I left Apple.

No, I was not working on Apple (well, I say to then NO two times), I left all their products and I don’t gonna buy one, so I left Apple behind. And, using an “ad verecundiam” I have lot of things of Apple on my live, too much. I write for an Apple blog, be an op of a chat about Apple (well a couple of them… well… more), twitter and many things more… but with that on my shoulder I left Apple.

As I say before, this is personal. You (reader) can or can’t agree with me, and it don’t will bother me because everyone have is own reason for buying or not buying whatever they want.

With my first “big” pay of my principal work, the first I do was buying an iBook (remember?). I was fascinating how easy was conecting to my house wifi (wich was shared from a PC with Windows 95 from an old modem), share files, have a terminal! (yes, a terminal, I was a Unix boy). I was “blink eyes” with how beautiful their graphic interface was. Now, years later I call it “new car smell”.

I pass the next years telling everyone that must buy a Mac, putting Apple solutions where it don’t fit (it means that for every problem I see how to solve it with something of Apple not thinking that they would be an easier solution with others)… in resume, complicating life to others and been an ambassador (sorry now I can remember the word wich means that you are an expert of one solution and you talk everytime about and I don’t remember the famous guy who do it first about Apple and later they leave…).

But one day, one day, take two steps backward. I mean, I look my house full of Apple solutions and thought: “what I have do with my life?”. On those time I have a very big problem, if I need something it must work with the Apple ecosystem. If Apple doensn’t have the solution I have a very big problem who cost (not money, time) too much to solve taking a big workaround. There no was simply solutions. I was deep on the Apple ecosystem, so deep.

This is something that usualy happen to me when I’m full of something: make an inmediate stop, take a few steps behind and look all with other eyes, because something on my interior tells me that there’s one problem here.

For example, I had an old TV (well not too much old, an LCD TV) and if I wanna see my downloaded films with Apple (remember DivX time) first, with my Apple TV, must convert it to something (h264) Apple TV can read, then, copy with iTunes to it, and them watching… with the lastest Mac (Core 2 Duo) was a waste of time because I know that there’s other solutions with can read this kind of file format directly, and I must do that workaround because of Apple. Maybe other people don’t bother about but me make me crazy.

So I begun to buy solutions from others, like an Android TV box (after my second Apple TV), like other AP (Access Point)… until I buyed other phone.

This was the real break point, having not an iPhone. That was where I learn that all Apple is based on the iPhone. Everything on Apple is around the iPhone. The Mac are compliment of an iPhone, the iPod is a compliment for the iPhone, the iPad too, the Apple TV… too… everything is an iPhone compliment. First I discover that what you do with your iPhone can do with others phones… and in the same way!. So Apple isn’t so special that they say. Everything I do before can do now with other phone. I can choose what I like. Apple doesn’t choose for me what I want or what I can (or not) do. I can choose (repeat) and this is very important because means freedom.

What Apple sells to people is what Apple doesn’t want you to do: be free. As I say the other day about the las keynote (sorry it’s on spanish) “Apple is a big theatre“, so I decided not to be part and be kidnaped by a bussines.

So I begun a big job, because if you are many time with something you began to be a junkie, called “drug release”. I buy solutions for others, I tested it and I choose what help me and make me happy.

Now, this is writen in a Surface Pro (my Macbook Pro is of dust), I have an Android and a Windows Phone (yes I like lost causes), a Android smartphone, a Windows band, my local server is on Unix (right, Linux…), my iMac is used for having a Drobo and video/photo edit, I have a PC with I primaly use for work and (game), a Xbox and a Playstation (a Wii too, of couse), lot of tablets, Windows, Android an iOS, lot of Macs on my house, including a Macmini who works as a secondary server, and in the storage with lot of PCs.

I have lot of things because now, I’m free to choose and free not to use what I think it doesn’t help me. I left Apple and I can choose.

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