False vacuum

Today, I am talking about the Big Bang I want to talk about this video that talks about a possibility of physics called false theory empty.

In summary, if you will not see the video but is very educational and fun, she explained that our universe could be located in an area of ​​energy that is not low and that the expansion (accelerated now) could observe areas of lower energy that could be created if “destroy our universe.”

Really, this field theory is used to indicate no possible death of our universe but to explain why our universe exists. That is, as I have told you several times observing the cosmic background radiation, we can “approach” to the moment of the Big Bang in which our universe was a thick plasma soup all around loose. From there we have to use math to try to go back more looking for explanations of how is the foundation of space / time to as close as possible to the uniqueness of Bing Bang.

Here are several theories that are “capable” of reaching the zero time and even go earlier in time, can be (mathematically, then interpreted as a magic ball) that could have happened before the Big Bang. So the theory of loop quantum gravity explains how our universe comes from having removed loops that create space / time (tissue) for, then with so much energy into so little space, regrow the universe with the simple fact to create loops due to the great energy that could not be sustained in that space. So I explained quickly, according to this theory which is interpreted.

Another theory, type M branes, simply indicates that, as the universe is a collection of strings / surfaces formed by membranes that vibrate (if it is string theory, one of them), the collision of two of these “surfaces” triggers an energy that … well, you know what happend next.

And another of the many out there, is told in the video, the theory of false vacuum, explained in the video where, indicates that our universe is just one of these “jumping power” that has eaten another universe with different physical laws because the constants are different from the previous because the energy is different. Thus creating different “universes” is through different energies boson (or Higgs fields).

The problem with this theory is that, as there is always a lower energy, there will be a point or a point where no power and … there is its uniqueness.

So, this educational video is not to explain the “destruction” of our universe and it’s to explain the creation process.

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