Another universe in a black hole

If you remember, while you talk about something that I hope that many ye still mulling over it is that the event horizon of a black hole is not a point in space but in time.

To remember briefly, I told you that, due to time dilation by general relativity and according to the diagram Penrose, the event horizon is no longer a physical point hubicado in space and if it became a moment in time what we throw us headlong into the black hole.

Until here all right, nice and interesting. That is why today I want to talk about another “paradox” is that the center of the black hole is not a place in space, but neither is in time.

That is, we have always thought that time is a continuous line. Thanks to general relativity have seen that mass warps space which in turn is able to bend time, so that time is not a continuum in that plane and if in the sense of a graph asymptotes and valleys (mathematically speaking).

Since the mass is able to bend time just think of that is the center of a black hole. The center, the nucleus, is where the mass “becomes infinite” (it is not, but is so high that scares) and where, except for the loop quantum gravity, physics does “pum” being a paradox, a singularity.

For the same reason, laws, rules trasnformación applied since we passed the event horizon (remember that the rules have to work equally both outside and when we passed the event horizon, and within the black hole) make the core, the center, the singularity, the curvature and placed on itself there in the past, at present and in the future (as seen from our point of view). That is, to bend time and therefore “stop” uniqueness makes there, seen from outside (remember Einstein and general relativity) time this stopped and therefore exists in all past, present and future times .

In fact, the joke is funnier is that, from the outside, if you count the event horizon, the time chart we presented two valleys: one in the event horizon and the other in the nucleus. All thanks to two singularities.

Some physical (with a few drinks too, by the way), indicate that this is similar to what happens in our universe. That is, that within a black hole there is a universe where from outside contemplate the past and the future of it. Having two singularities we are seeing the big bang and big crunch at a time (the beginning and the end, all together).

This is the reason why I always say that black holes are gateways to other universes, not because they eat a lot of stuff (that somewhere has to leave, as the food in humans) but because we see (from the outside) all timeline of a universe, from his birth to his death … at the same time!.

But since no one has gotten to tell (and hopefully not do it), they are only interpretations of mathematical equations that can be right or wrong. So much is still unknown.

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