October 2016


I think I have not told anything about neutron stars and has reached the right time to do so. You know that there are many types of stars, in fact, […]

This is my blog and, because of that I’m in the mood to talk about personal things (not only what you usually see). So, it’s time to talk about something […]

Sorry about, it's on spanish
Sorry about, it's on spanish

If you remember (especially me, because I start to doubt that I have spoken or not) tell you about statistical mechanics and today I want to talk about an important […]


As I promised, today I want to talk about cuasars (yesterday wrote quasar… but anyway it’s the same, in spanish). Many people think that a quasar is a star, some […]

Cassini-Huygens images

Here they are some images from the Cassini-Huygens, a project between NASA, ESA and ASI to study Saturn, so here are some Saturn images.