Schwarzschild metric

Today I want to talk about the Schwarzschild metric. With this name so complicated Karl Schwarzschild, physical astronomer, he solved the equations of Einstein’s gravitational field (remember that are differential equations are solved depending on how better or worse solutions are obtained) leading to the Schwarzschild metric.

In this metric (remember that you comment a metric is a mathematical explanation of a geometry where, from which we can draw or get through their properties, certain things that might be interesting).

In its solution, simple and direct, it raises what can happen with a body of great mass and spherical shape, offering the modification of space-time around. Come on, the famous drawing of a cone of a lifetime.

I will not go in mathematics about (which is not very complicated) and if the consequences were found thanks to the, called regions according to the distance to the critical point. So calculate the existence of black holes within the whole, white holes, out of black holes, which have not been seen and doubt their existence by the necessary conditions (the opposite of a black hole ejects matter), and the flat region of spacetime out of all these, whose border is the event horizon.

This metric introduces the concept of curvature tensor solutions. An array containing the current position and gravity at each point in space.

By using the metric tensor it is very simple to understand and calculate.

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