September 2016


The other day I speak the Chandrasekhar limit and will indicate the possible existence of special stars called quark star. As we know, fermions are the essence of the matter […]


Today I want to talk about a very funny thing, the Chandrasekhar limit. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar was an Indian physicist with very complicated name whose greatest achievement was making the mathematical […]


Today I would like to tell you a different way of seeing things, physically speaking, that, well, heap up in other cases and, thus, help you to understand certain aspects […]


As I said the other day I want to talk a phenomenon that prepares you for when, later, I discuss the topic of black holes related to quantum mechanics: The […]


Today I want to talk about the Big Bang nucleosynthesis. If you remember, I told you that the expansion rate of our universe is neither has been constant. It has […]


I like Excelsior class starship (from Star Trek). I have a model on my house, it’s the ship I fly on Star Trek online (with all my federation characters), so, […]