September 2016


Our star, the Sun, is not very large compared to what we can find in our visible universe. It has a radius of around 650,000 kilometers, making it a star […]


“You can’t install this version on your computer“. Thanks Apple, your operating system is the only I know witch it occurs.


Float in space now seems easy, but you have to remember some other things. First it is that the astronauts, “out there” are in microgravity, ie practically (indeed for them) […]


Today I want to talk about the Schwarzschild metric. With this name so complicated Karl Schwarzschild, physical astronomer, he solved the equations of Einstein’s gravitational field (remember that are differential […]


What you see is the Carina Nebula, also known as NGC 3372, 7500 light here and about 350 light-years across years. As you can see is composed of two types […]


Strawberry Moon, so the name of this effect is seen in sunsets and sunrises with objects that are far away. They are explained by the effect of light rays entering […]