Float in space now seems easy, but you have to remember some other things.

First it is that the astronauts, “out there” are in microgravity, ie practically (indeed for them) there is no gravity.

When they move, by Newton’s first law, all body moves or stays at rest (not moving) until some force is exerted on. This means that are still or move or unless make a counterforce, will be moving forever.

For this reason, if they go off the ship, they usually tie. So if separated from the ship, the rope will hold the opposing force to the output direction they remain “united”.

Second it is that astronauts have to move freely, so the MMU (Manned Maneuvering Unit) or APU (Astronaut Propulsion Unit) not more than propellant nitrogen (c’mon, expel nitrogen is compressed) as to enable them were created, a pleasure, exercise such force that the first law tells us Netwon.

This way they can maneuver in space without having to be tied to the ship.

There are and there have been several models being the SAFER (Simplified Aid For EVA Rescue) the current standard. A very small addition to the backpack series that includes a stick or hook to grab things that go “out there loose.”

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