The face


have always indicated that as humans, we need the comfort of the familiar to fulfill ourselves and, above all, not to scare the new.

When we see something we do not know our brain tends, naturally, to associate it with something known so that if we have to face this is not traumatic and have a starting point. That is, we are not as good at the back to attack new problems or as imaginative as we think.

A clear example was the so-called face of Mars.

The Viking 1 probe launched in 1975 to study and photograph Mars and study the atmosphere of this planet perform some pictures of what was called Mars face thanks to … it resembled a face. And from there they began to imagine and think strange things on this planet (mainly about life in) and got into the sack themes of lost civilizations and things that they love to “magufo men“.

Cydonia, the region where this mountain, when the Viking 1 Orbiter (the pileup that orbited while the Lander touched down on the surface) performed the famous photo, was covered with clouds, because if it was not thought that Mars had the weather, something confirmed later probes Mars Orbiter and just killing the most detailed images without those curious clouds and existing brightness.

The brain plays tricks on us, so it is best to rely on science and, above all, be skeptical of everything until sufficient information can not be … and still holding it, science is not accurate and what is true today in future (with best estimates or technology) can become more real, refined and discover new things or even seen that is false.

This is not to say that we should not trust science at all, of what must never trust is what tells you to have all the answers because it kills intelligence, our desire to discover and, in background we humans, explorers. Science does not have all the answers, even a few, and you always discover something that, more than answers raised new questions.

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