The other day, in a conversation, came the issue of the tension that physicists use them much because they help us to have a set of values ​​for a single point that depends on what we need.

Remember that a tensor is an array of values ​​(uni- or multidimensional) defining, as I said, the values ​​of certain measures in a point geometry. Thus, in quantum mechanics, the basic unit with which we manage physicists are tensioners with the equations of vibration of the different strings or components and thanks to vector and matrix operations allow us to make fast and safe calculations (plus accurate) of as various physical quantities can vary over time, space or under the influence of other forces (which operate on the tensor matrix form).

Ie algebra and geometry volume and back. Nothing complicated as it seems his name. Only mathematics.

Even with all I found this video where I explain (which is a tensor) in a very simple way. It is in English, but my regular readers will not care.

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