Roger Penrose and censorship hypothesis

No, no buds not only bring physical things to “physical” (in general) but we support and we love to help mathematicians.

As I said the first year entering college (and had hair): “when you’re done the race will know more math than a mathematician, more chemistry than a chemical, more computer than a computer …” and was partly right. So there is the “combined” physical-mathematical career because they are so inter-related.

Hence today I will talk about Roger Penrouse, a mathematician (pictured) very majetón with a great rush of physical creator of censorship hypothesis.

What the heck is the hypothesis of censorship ?. As a quick summary is a hypothesis which states that existing singularities are not visible.

But what the hell is a singularity ?. If we pull the easy way, a singularity itself is where the mathematical equations that define a physical fact or go crazy and give divide by zero or give infinite, something that is impossible.

The singularities occur in many ways, the best known is the mechanical movement of things. When they occur is when physicists scratching their heads and change the equations as a “skip them” and improve the knowledge and the universe meets mathematics.

The censorship hypothesis speaks of general relativity. You know, in summary, that the theory of Einstein’s general relativity is as specified (explain with speed) unless there gravity comes into play.

It indicates, largely because we are not able to see the inside of a black hole from the event horizon, why this is natural. The censorship because we are seeing what happens there.

And why it is a hypothesis?. Simple, because it is still so difficult to make that smells but are unable to get a specific and always valid formulation. Furthermore, due to the mathematical complexity, the initial formulation has counterexamples that make the hypothesis can not be validated.

In the case of black hole there against hypothesis naked singularities (naked singularity is a singularity in cosmology kept very close to the event horizon) that in some cases contradict the hypothesis of censorship. Then this hypothesis is in continuous reformulation.

The friend Penrouse has done many more things and is a fundamental part of quantum theory of loops, which, very very very brief (and speak one day of it) tells us that the universe has an interwoven fabric which all matter is intertwined by loop weaving a kind of “squishy” forming network and space-time. And I’ll explain more but it is simpler than it seems.

Well, the essence of this theory is expansion of quantum mechanics to explain certain singularities (we know it is), the network SPIN is “invention” or mathematical discovery of Penrouse and I, I am a “believer” of this theory am very grateful.

Also, Penrouse has been part of some development in neuroscience through his theories on cognitive science, the microtubules of neurons and how they work (mathematically speaking, of course). Here I can not extend because, frankly, beyond me, sorry.

So you know, when you see a physical do not think he knows only physical, but we know many more things.

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