General relativity and Mössbauer effect

Today I want to talk about a somewhat complicated and messy thing, the Mössbauer effect.

I will introduce a little on the subject. You know that there are two types of relativistic mechanics or relativity theory, the general and the specific.

The specified you speak the other day and I have on my notes where time varies depending on the speed of the reference systems. Thus, taking the speed of light as a standard (we was value for money in the void in any reference system) we could see that if a system would speed (high) relative to each other and being the speed of light constant It shows that time varies depending on the speed you go. So a faster, slower time goes up to stop if you arrive at the speed of light.

With respect to general relativity, it is similar but adding the gravity (and explayare me another day), curving space and time, therefore modifying (with the speed) the time we perceive. Thus, in the areas of greatest “drop” in space / time time passes slower than in areas with lower gravity.

The fact is that to test this theory (which is not law yet and there is much to scratch) in 70 two scientists called Hafele and Keating tried to prove general relativity by experiment, the Mössbauer effect through two crystals at altitude .

The Mössbauer effect is nothing more than “a problem” with the absorption of some radiation bodies. That is, a body absorbing certain radiation (for example) gamma ray (a specific electromagnetic frequency) emits some radiation in the same frequency with a specific energy difference. Come on, on the same frequency but with less quantity.

The amounts absorbed by the body and the time it takes from being absorbed until it emits are things measures and even if there is, the variances of the frequencies. Come on, who knows very well and is very measured. And what we get is a throwback frequency (called) because, by the very fact itself, resonate, so
As we know by heart you can be calculated, as Hafele and Keating thought of their experiment by putting two crystals, one on the floor and one on the top of a building, which, both crystals will move at different speeds (relative to each other , remember) and also by the effect of gravity height will.

Doing the experiment, making one issued, the other absorbed and counting the time was seen that the frequency in time of the issuer and frequency receiver time was not the same, let the time had gone differently, information consistent so the theory of general relativity tells us curiously.

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