Cat’s eye nebula and binary system

Today, on my mobile, as a screensaver, I woke up with this image and I found so beautiful that I could not only give a comment of these that you so tired.

What you see in the picture is an extension of the cat eye nebula better known (not) like NGC 6543.

The peculiarity of this nebula are the shape of the clouds of gas that people remember the eyes of a cat.

Gas clouds, radial, are illuminated by the object located in the center. It is thought, by the shapes of these that the purpose of the center is not one but a binary star system are becoming supernovae, being, the gases expelled by these due to gravity, the wonderful ways that nature leaves us see.

Emissions, clouds, is a set of hydrogen and argon, materials found in the outer layers of any star, while the core temperature is around 80 thousand Kelvin, remote areas down to 90 Kelvin indicating that this process takes at least producing some 1500 years (more or less), indicating that it is a young process and that will give us many years of observation and learning from it.

Unfortunately, the distance can not be measured accurately (the distance from Earth) precisely because of its brightness and the process that is suffering. It has been estimated which is about 3,000 light-years away, exactly thanks to the changing colors (cooling) of the gases that are driving the binary system.

The beauty of all this is that it has never seen a binary system in which two stars are in the degree of supernova and that is a study material.

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