More about Barnard

Barnard 68 is one of the most interesting elements that can be seen in our sky. A cloud of gas that absorbs light leaving a dark stain among all the stars we can now see.

With infrared light can be seen inside, but with visible light (for us) there is absolutely nothing and gives the feeling of being a redoubt of “nothing.”

The good thing about this gas cloud is the proximity to us, 500 light years away, on the right.

In addition, due to what it means, compact gas clouds are known to be breeding grounds stars. The size of which is small, medium wide light year, will not get out much there, but the existing rest, thanks to gravity, when new stars will be born condense.

This, of Barnard 68, surely nothing goes as it has neither mass nor enough consistency, which will give us an eternal spot in the sky that we see.

The curious thing about this area is its temperature, but absorbs all the visible spectrum and therefore “sucks” energy, its center is at low temperatures (15 K or so) thanks to the outermost layers are those that absorb and left with energy.

The composition is Barnard 68 is H2, let pure and hydrogen, which why these clouds are called molecular clouds.

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