Milky Way of hidrogen

Since I am placed, I will tell you a little secret. (Very important what visible) visible universe is full of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the cornerstone of the universe. An atom with one electron and 1 proton. And so that’s what you have learned at school because little is counted as the proton and electron have different spin (or can have it).

And what is the spin ?. For roughly is but the angular momentum of the particle in orbit. So that we understand, an electron (it is easier to visualize) or turn “to the right or to the left.” That’s the spin.
However, all fundamental particles of atoms (including those within the protons, neutrons, …) have spin and rotating “or to one side or the other or to …”.

Although it is a measure of the angular momentum of the element really is not the angular momentum as we know, radio is not speed, but rather the above divided by the constant of children, Planck’s constant. In addition, does not indicate only “to where it turns” but indicates the direction to which it moves and it’s not a turn, but a cloud and, above all, the spin does not measure the speed (because although I varié speed the particle does not change the spin of it), but in the end, tells us mathematically to where it goes. All this by way of summary.

Returning to the main theme, the universe (visible) is filled with hydrogen to the bars interestingly, the two spin possible. In fact, it can be measured by the frequency emitted by the hydrogen, so you know if it is “parallel” or “antiparallel” (the spin). You know and in summary, according to the radio wave emitted.
In the image, the party with the most is precisely the plane of the Milky Way (obviously) but it is noteworthy loops coming out of this, which are not small feat.

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