Light pollution

How important is something we all sweat cock because we do not even notice and, being magufo, if we were able to control not only would make us feel better, but we could teach something to our offspring: light pollution.

Light pollution is only the light emitting masking other lights lower emissions. That is, once the nonsense I’m going to explain even to spare so you know that.

As an example, when there is something or there is noise in the environment which does not want to hear, you can do two things, or cover your ears (to prevent the entry of sound waves) or put another higher noise that “tape”. This is masked.

With electromagnetic emissions, such as light, you can do the same, if you have a dim light (not often, but amplitude because, remember it is a wave), you can put another wave (another light) thereto frequency and amplitude greater than masking the first to leave no “footprint”.

This is a kind of blind, brute force does hide other waves. Remember that sound and light are waves.

There are also other types of masking, more elaborate overlay amplitudes. That is, as you know, (basic) wave is sinusoidal, we shaped the sine function, with ups and downs (so we understand). If we put another like wave and “move” the wave forward or backward, we can make the peaks above a matching peaks down another. Then if you add both waves (amplitudes or peaks add) what we do is to have a plane wave, then no “issues”.

This rule, masking temporary amplitude (called) works with all waves though, what few know is that, for example, for audio is widely used, for example, for MPEG 1 files layer 3 (mp3 for everyone). Without going too much (I have an article in a magazine about it) we did not hear perfectly and have different “skills” to different frequencies, then the masking temporary amplitude are different depending on the frequency we want to mask making for few frequency (frequency X is one frequency and masking block) to reduce the information that is stored because, when something masks spare the rest. End of explanation.

And now that you have already read all this in the picture accompanying this text indicate areas of land and masking or light pollution which allows us to see. A pity because, unfortunately, we do not see the incredible spectacle of nature.

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