Jovian aurora


Today I will talk about Jupiter and its dawn. Jupiter’s aurora is a bit more special than we have, on Earth and not because it is generated in the same way, among other things.

Let’s start with Jupiter is a gas giant “king” who stayed halfway to being a star. A little more mass and our solar system would now have two suns. Jupiter’s magnetosphere, because of its size, is huge. So great that reaches Saturn.

In addition to large, it is “strong”, about 20 thousand times stronger than the Earth (powerful) what confers that almost anything auroras are created. You know, electrically charged elements colliding with the atmosphere and make this part of ionize shining.

In addition to the particles coming from the Sun, Jupiter, also because of its great gravity, swallows what their satellites spit. That is, its satellite Io, the most geologically active that is, does nothing but pieces of the drive outside. These pieces are captured by the gravity of Jupiter and, entering its atmosphere and magnetosphere make its atmosphere forming auroras shine. That is, they are formed by Io auroras.

These are called Jovian auroras and are only known in Jupiter (for now).

Because the material form is a material already out of Io (remember that is what expel the volcanoes of this) and also, the atmosphere and the magnetosphere of Jupiter is strong hot, so hot gases from the atmosphere make them the strongest and brightest known (for now).

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