What size?

We are a speck in the universe, it is known but no idea of ​​the scale of Mote shit you are, among other things is done because the most with what you can compare it with the visible universe and this is a punctured shit on a stick with the true scale of the universe.

In fact, represent so that people can get an idea and also is made with precision is a very difficult task. Since orbits are like (remember are not circular and there orbits rotating, as Mercury) to the scales of distance. A whole world of education. And that’s just in relation to the solar system (as you see in the video), that if we enlarge the scale we have much more complicated.

In addition, as the topology of our universe is (itself) unknown, and mapping the representation thereof is complicated. As well explain (above) long, the topology of our universe from the visible universe may indicate that it is spherical but we saw that it is a misconception because the universe has no “end” and that mathematics that support they give us it can be from a Moebius strip to more complicated topologies that represent them and download them to give us a dimension quite liosas figures.

And to this must be added that, because the universe is expanding (and will do so indefinitely, for now we know) ever faster, our visible universe is not and never will be the whole universe, with what our data are limited. Apparently gravity is not as strong as we speed vs. expansion. And that we see 9*10^28 meters (which is a lot, it means a 9 with 28 zeros after it).

In fact, remember, the size of the universe itself, is not known or can be estimated correctly, which is magnificent and we have much to learn yet.

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