Orion nebula in infrared

I know this because I have spoken and much, especially because the Orion Nebula (which is located in the “belt” said constellation) is the have gone through the stone (in the sense studied) therefore the spectrum visible as infrared. The problem is that I could not pass up the image of the put you this nebula in the infrared shows us, with all the splendor, the hot gas.

The curious thing about this picture, apart from the beauty (incidentally, being in the infrared and be false colors because neither you nor I see that spectrum) are decided, usually put those colors that you see, so that when a third see picture knowledge, serial, which is taken at these wave frequencies.

As I was going. If you observe this, the most beautiful image that is apart from the composition is to see the filaments of gas and further, the wave gas shock supernova (the red part on the right) where, in the outer zones, you can see this by pushing the previous layers of gas.

That is, a star, when it becomes supernova ejects external herself layers, those in the image are the “pink” areas, then, due to gravity and has finished shooting a lot of stuff out, is collapses to explode. In the outbreak, this second material ejected is much hotter than what has happened before (passage of the outer layers) and it shows in red in the image and, moreover, is observed as there is a part that pushes other.

Funny and nice, right?

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