Light with OAM

Light, we see every day (that good joke, I just … NO) and very few understand, in fact, I do not understand and science … this trying.

Apart from the things we all know to run because we have heard and repeat like parrots, little is known of light. Nobody comes up to tell you, a night of drinking, that light is electromagnetic emission, a wave that is in a spectrum which our eyes, receivers are only capable of absorbing certain wavelengths.

That as a wave has the qualities of this (the above described, let it has length, frequency, amplitude, such as sound, as heat) and turn its speed makes it something “mass” called photon that as anything with mass, any physical object has its own properties.

For example, they are rotating, which have spin, which have angular momentum, which can be measured, which is related to the wave and allows a magical thing: polarize.

Polarize spins is to eliminate all but one making all vibrate, rotate in the same direction instead of each where he wants.

As radiation that is, is the result of the emission of energetic objects. That is, when an object (a thing) has lots of energy, in the end things expels expels this radiation, ejected photons. An example, the bulbs (the filament) when heated by the current emitted this radiation, as are emptied, is not absorbed by the “gas” and having around … shine.

As an object, for boys, they have orbit (not all) and therefore have angular momentum,
And you say: And this helps me to hell ?. As a very simple example is the LIFI. As light has an angular momentum, as has “some wave” that is not their frequency, you may be used, modifying it to get information there. Just like the ADSL line or telephone carrier used. Light carrier can be used without modifying a property (their frequency or amplitude) that, at first glance bother us (to us who like animals with photoreceptors are a little too short).

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