A Grand Canyon

Here are my current screensaver of my mobile, the Grand Canyon of Mars in all its splendor known as the Valles Marineris. A photo composed of more than 100 photos taken by the Viking.

2800 kilometers long, about 600 wide and about 12 kilometers high, it is one of the largest structures of our solar system. Although its origin is between I have no idea and not because it has come, it is speculated that it is a fracture generated as the planet cooled due to the loss of its atmosphere by the solar wind.

The canyon has several channels, which are supposed to be traces of old areas with liquid, water or carbon dioxide (just what is missing), now we know that Mars has just passed glaciation (in fact is still in it) they have eroded that area.

And this entry comes these days Mars and Earth will be closer than ever (a good time to send things to Mars, for issues away) and the best way to remember is to spend some time looking for him on the horizon (remember passing 2 times every 4 years or so). In fact tonight is (recommended) the best day to see in the northern hemisphere about 12 pm.

To get it, simply seek the “red star” as precisely that color is. It looks at first glance.

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