May 2016


Light, we see every day (that good joke, I just … NO) and very few understand, in fact, I do not understand and science … this trying. Apart from the […]


Here are my current screensaver of my mobile, the Grand Canyon of Mars in all its splendor known as the Valles Marineris. A photo composed of more than 100 photos […]


You can enjoy a game of the most personal forms. This is my example of Star Trek Online, where my Excelsior class ship orbits around a gigant gass planet and […]


You can find very extrange people on Star Trek Online for example this is not an Andorian because is not blue. A black Klingon (sorry I haven’t found a chinese […]


“Adore Planck’s constant as if it were a new god,” I think that’s what I heard when I was studying or at least, I would have imagined. In quantum mechanics […]